I am Gregory Robins, Steel Sculptor. I am originally from Steel City Hamilton, and now I call Toronto my home.

My love of creating started when I was a child, and from there it hasn't really stopped. I come from humble beginnings, having been adopted by a loving family who nurtured my passion for visual arts. One can say that steel and art are in my blood - my father had ties to the steel industry, and my birth mother also happens to be an artist.

From the beginning, my teachers saw my talent. They motivated me throughout my school years, and even encouraged me to pursue my passion through formal schooling, though going to art school was a path I chose not to take. Art is in my blood, and there are just some things in life that one cannot learn from traditional schooling. Creating just came naturally to me, from within, which makes me a self-taught artist who is constantly developing and evolving.

I am inspired by many things, and in many different ways. I can be inspired simply by daydreaming or when talking to fellow artists or friends. Sometimes I see images which allow ideas to grow and blossom within me that compels me to create a wide variety of work - from functional and non-functional art pieces, to abstract realism, to fashion accessories and many others.

While sometimes I create for myself, most of the time I create for private and corporate clients. This is quite an experience in on its own, as at times I have clients who want to be involved in the creative process, while there are others who are content to give me creative freedom. I've done commissioned work and I have produced many award-winning pieces. I've had a variety of media coverage, from television to radio to print. I have also had the privilege of donating some of my pieces to charity, corporations and up-and-coming art galleries.

My art is constantly evolving as I continue to learn and grow as a person and an artist. My work will someday take me to many different parts of the world and will touch the lives of those who come across it. You see, art is in my blood, and it will always be a part of me. Through my work I can express who I am, and through my work the world can glimpse a part of my soul.



Contact Gregory  |  (416) 420-3314  |  greg@gregoryrobins.com
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